And… we’ve started!

Openen bierflesLost Beers, my weblog about historical beers, is now a fact. In fact, I have been doing this for a while now, just in a different language. The Dutch version started over two years ago. Now it’s time to expand the possible audience with a website in English. The subject matter is the same: the old beer varieties of the Netherlands (Holland) and other countries.

To introduce myself: my name is Roel Mulder, and I am a historian, creative, project coordinator, self-proclaimed all-rounder, and a beer lover. Triggered by an old Dutch newspaper ad featuring all sorts of weird beers (double princess, wet-nurse beer, young-old…), I started looking for old beer types from the past. I discovered that a lot of research remained to be done, especially where it concerned Dutch beers. The result: many recipes, trivia, new knowledge and a few test brews. The goal remains, to be able to taste the beers of the past!

So what can you expect to find on this Lost Beers blog? Of course new old recipes, unearthed from the obscurest depths of various archives. I’ll be taking a look in specific places and countries: how did the beer taste in Holland, Belgium, France, Brazil, Indonesia? Beers like Dutch Ale, haymaker’s beer, liquorice beer, princess beer and many more.

So if you want a new look on beer history from a different angle, if you’re looking for historical beer recipes, if you want to see persistent beer myths debunked, stay tuned to Lost Beers.


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  1. Mark says:

    Hi Roel,
    A great idea to expand your readership to English speakers. Alongside bland lagers the Netherlands exported many people to the rest of the world, my grandparents included. My Dutch language is non-existent but I’m keen to help keep some of the historical beer recipes alive in my home-brewery in Auckland, New Zealand.
    I’ll be watching with great interest.

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