About this website

RMulderLost Beers is a weblog by historian, creative and beer lover Roel Mulder about the history of beer. On this website I search for the taste of beer in the past. Dutch beer, because The Netherlands (Holland) have known dozens of beer types that don’t exist anymore, but also beer from other countries like Belgium and France. This includes researching recipes, brewing methods and ingredients, and converting these into recipes that you can brew right now. Because after all, what you really want is to taste those beers! I make small test batches of some of these beers, practical history in action. And I write on the history of beers and breweries in general.

Most articles were published previously on the Dutch-language version of this website, Verloren Bieren. For more information on my other activities, take a look at my website roelmulder.nl.

Email: info@roelmulder.nl