Lost Beers

The history of beer from Belgium, The Netherlands (Holland), and elsewhere. Looking for beer types that have vanished, and for the stories behind well-known styles, from IPA to gueuze, from saison to lager.

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Fact check: the 1852 Belgian beer law

25 September 2020 by - No comments

A 1852 Belgian law that ‘was the kiss of death for hundreds of small breweries’? That calls for an investigation. Let’s check some facts!

Georges Lacambre: the man who taught Belgium how to brew

On the Cimétière de Passy in Paris lies Georges Lacambre: the man who, with his 1851 book, taught Belgium how to brew. But who was he?

A small history of Flemish old brown (and red) – 2

After a somewhat uncertain start, the old brown beer of Flanders had acquired some fame by the end of the 19th century. Beer from Oudenaarde was well-known, and Rodenbach was expanding too.

A small history of Flemish old brown (and red) – 1

A deadly accident in Geraardsbergen in 1877 is one of the earliest solid pieces of evidence for the existence of the beer that I was looking for: Flemish old brown.

Flemish brown, red or red brown? How Michael Jackson invented a beer style out of thin air

Nowhere in traditional literature on Belgian beer is there even the slightest mention of a ‘red’ beer. So where does ‘Flanders red’ come from?

Berliner Alt: it sounds German, but it’s a Dutch lost beer

‘Do you know this beer style?’ Marco Lauret, brewer at Duits & Lauret, asked me. So what exactly was this Berliner Oud?

Five ‘lost’ Belgian beer brands that came back on the market

Discontinued long ago, outcompeted by Stella and Jupiler, but not forgotten.

Five lost Belgian beer styles that you still can drink regardless

Luckily, once in a while a Belgian ‘lost beer’ is brought back to life. Which is nice, because historic beer is at its best when you can drink it.