Lost Beers

The history of beer from Belgium, The Netherlands (Holland), and elsewhere. Looking for beer types that have vanished, and for the stories behind well-known styles, from IPA to gueuze, from saison to lager.

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Fact check: the 112 litre ‘Jopen’ barrels

11 January 2024 by - No comments

This year, the Jopen brewery in Haarlem celebrates its 30th birthday! Which is fantastic, however: where does that name come from? From the Medieval 112 litre barrels once used to ship Haarlem’s beer, or so the story goes. Let’s check that…

The shifting Dutch bock beer season

The Bock beer book has hit the stores. But what is Dutch bock beer exactly? And was it always an autumn beer?

Listen to me talking about saison on the Beer Temple podcast

Recently, I was invited to talk about saison history on the Chicago-based Beer Temple podcast. Why don’t you give it a listen!

Thanks to the magic lantern: lambic is (slightly) older than we thought

Last week, I found a new starting date for one of my favourite beer types: lambic. And it has everything to do with a magic lantern.

Caves: another lost Belgian beer

The beautiful old town of Lier currently does not have its own brewery. It does however have a story to tell about historical beers.

Become an expert on Belgian beer history with these 10 books

It’s the summer holidays. Time for reading, for instance on Belgian beer. Unfortunately, there are many books out there that teach you not that much, full of falsehoods and fastidiously repeated hogwash. So, which books can actually tell you something useful?

In remembrance of Wieckse Witte

The end was more sudden than expected, we now say goodbye to… Wieckse Witte. Heineken is killing off this Dutch white beer. Time to look back on the life of a beer that may be a symbol of an era.

Crabbeleer, a historic beer returns… or does it?

Gent 1847. A brewer claims to have found the recipe for a Medieval beer called ‘crabbeleer’. And people’s hero Jacob van Artevelde drank it. Hmm… do you mind if we check the facts first..?