About this website

RMulderMy name is Roel Mulder and I am a historian, creative and beer lover.

On Lost Beers I research the history of beer in Holland, Belgium and elsewhere. Holland was once home to dozens of beer types that have now vanished. In Belgium, many beers from the past have been preserved, but what is the story behind them? From time to time, I look at other countries as well.

I look for the stories and I debunk the myths. Since when do we drink lager? Did Holland once have its own IPA for the Dutch East Indies? What is the truth behind Belgian beers like lambic and gueuze? Is saison really a ‘farmhoue ale’ and are all abbey beers really brewed by monks? What’s the difference between a gruit and a kuit?

While I’m at it, I also look at today’s brands and those from the past, including Heineken and InBev. Also, I want to know what those historic beer tasted like. Threfore, my research includes researching recipes, brewing methods and ingredients. After all, beer history is more fun if you can taste it. I make small test batches of some of these beers, practical history in action.

In 2017 I published my book on the history of Dutch beer. Most articles on this blog were published previously on the Dutch-language version of this website. For more information on my other activities, take a look at my website roelmulder.nl.

Email: info@roelmulder.nl

Facebook: facebook.com/lostbeers