Het Bockbierboek
Discover the world of the rich Dutch tradition of bock beer! When the leaves start falling, bock hits the shelves in the Netherlands. Brewers great and small put goats on their labels and every region has its own bock beer festival. But was is bock exactly? When was it born? How did a beer from the German town of Einbeck grow into a classic Dutch beer style? Get to know the rich history of bock beer, and of Dutch beer in general, and you’ll enjoy your bock with even more dedication, wisdom and taste.
Written by Marco Daane, Rick Kempen and Roel Mulder. Published (in Dutch) by Atlas Contact, 2023.
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Verloren bieren van Nederland
A major book on the rich beer history of the Netherlands has been released, in Dutch, on 11 May 2017 by Unieboek/Spectrum publishers. In De verloren bieren van Nederland (‘Lost beers of the Netherlands’) Roel Mulder describes the history of Dutch beer, from the Middle Ages to the present day, bringing forgotten beers back to life. With humour and many great stories. Not only does he look at political, economical en technological developments, he also describes how the taste of Dutch beer has changed throughout the centuries. Also, the book gives 40 old beer recipes, discovered by Roel while searching through the archives and that you can now make yourself, at home. Because this is Roel’s ultimate goal: reviving old beer types and retrieve that original taste. In the mean time the Oranjeboom brewery has, with his help, brought the Princesse beer back on the market, according to and old recipe.

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