When Hoegaarden was still spontaneously fermented

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Spontaneous fermentation: it’s mainly known for lambic, but what if I tell you that once there was another spontaneously fermented Belgian beer type, one that was considerably different?

When Stella Artois made a ‘Special Dutch’ version for a country that didn’t like the taste of beer

In 1970s, the Dutch didn’t like heavy, hoppy beer. Even Stella Artois was too much for them…

A short history of Belgian Christmas beer

Another wonderful Belgian tradition: Christmas beer. But where does it come from exactly? That’s what I wanted to find out.

Stella Artois: so is it a Christmas beer or not?

The makers of Stella Artois will often tell you that it originally was a Christmas beer, when it was introduced in 1926. But was it?

Big data: Jacques Trifin’s beer labels

A wonderful resource for historical Belgian beer is label collector Jacques Trifin’s website. Not only does he own about 28,000 beer labels, the website is also very useful to make some very interesting quantitative analyses…

A pub crawl through 16th century Antwerp

Antwerp pub life is eternal, if the ‘Mandement van Bacchus’ is anything to go by, a satirical text from 1580 that gives us an insight into the drinking habits of those days…

Fact check: Yvan De Baets on saison (and the results may shock you)

Every saison lover knows Phil Markowski’s 2004 book ‘Farmhouse ales’, and Yvan De Baets’ contribution on its history. But has anyone actually checked their sources? I have.

A recipe for Antwerp seef

And now a legendary beer from Antwerp: seef. But the city beer of Antwerp, that would have to be De Koninck? It may be now, but before that, things were different. So what was seef (pronounced: ‘safe’) exactly? Including a historic recipe…