Lost Beers

The history of beer from The Netherlands (Holland), Belgium, France, and elsewhere. Looking for beer types of the past, now long gone. How did they taste? What did they look like? And why have they vanished?

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Lost Belgian beers: Uitzet

27 June 2017 by - No comments

Belgium too has quite a lot of lost beer types. One of them is uitzet from Gent, which for one thing, apparently prevented dysentery. Here’s a 1798 recipe.

Dutch beer renaissance? Not yet, but…

Kuit, princesse, Loender, more kuit… It’s not yet a complete renaissance, but all in all there’s more and more Dutch beer history on the market. Time for a recap.

The book is here

There it is right in front of me, and how great it looks: the book. The story of Dutch beer from beginning to end, interwoven with recipes. I think it’s the most beautiful beer book to be published this year, but of course I’d find that.

Poesiat & Kater

On this blog I do not often write about me visiting breweries. But in Amsterdam, a new brewery opened recently that is not be missed if you are slightly nuts about historic beers. With princesse beer, an a-typical munich, East Indies pale ale and a classic renowned stout.

Ersatz beer from Breda

Sometimes brewers used quite remarkable ingredients in their beer. In Breda, they used skimmed milk.

Fact check: The Belgian Beer Book

The Belgian Beer Book is an impressive edition. Unfortunately, it contains the worst collection of glaring bollocks on beer history I’ve ever seen put together.

What is Holland’s oldest beer?

What is the oldest beer in The Netherlands still in existence? Beers where you can draw a straight line between their origin and today? The answer comes from 1872, and it is nicely appropriate for this time of the year…